For prospective students: why Columbia and application advice

The following post was contributed by Laura Hawkins, AVP of Membership & Finance.

Laura Hawkins, AVP Membership & Finance

In its curriculum, CBS has built more awareness around what “business” actually means, making it a great place for a woman to thrive in her professional development. The variety of classes in the core curriculum (corporate finance, marketing, operations, accounting, leadership, among others) reflects the diversity of business challenges that all workers face in the business world, regardless of industry and function.  While it is no secret that CBS has long been regarded for its finance and value investing program, Columbia has focused on developing a breadth of industry-specific programming and academic centers over the last decade. Here are just a few that you may not have heard of yet!

  • The Eugene Lang Entrepreneurship Center has provided a supportive platform for countless women with a good business idea over the years. Success stories include the cofounders of Red Flower, Peel Snacks, Harlem Lanes, Art for Refugees in Transition, Blow hair salons, among others.
  • The Social Enterprise Program helps students develop a perspective on how to apply business skills to social enterprise challenges and how to align personal and professional values in careers that result in social benefit to a broader community. Some of the programming that the SEP offers are as follows: (i) The Summer Fellowship Program aids students in procuring a summer internships, (ii) The Nonprofit Board Leadership Program offers students unique insight into the world of non-profit management, and (iii) a variety of consulting projects both in New York City and around the world.
  • The Center on Global Brand Leadership addresses the challenges of building and sustaining great brands in an ever evolving marketplace. Its annual BRITE conference gathers executives and researches from around the world and therefore provides a unique opportunity for MBA students to get involved in recent branding trends.
  • The Program for Social Intelligence is a series of extracurricular activities and academic courses designed to enhance student’s abilities as leaders throughout their forthcoming careers. The curriculum is anchored in experiential learning and executive coaching in order sharpen students’ self-awareness, decision-making and expand their abilities to solve complex problems.

There are so many different ways and industries in which students can leverage their MBA degree; Columbia’s location in New York City, focus on experiential learning, career management center and academic programming all facilitate finding your own unique career path!

As your finishing up your applications, make sure to avoid these common application pitfalls!

  • Be sure to answer the exact question that the essay question asks! For instance, for your career essay, tangibly describe both short and long-term career goals.
  • Don’t self-censor too much and let your personality shine through the application! For the essay about your personal interests, have fun with it and let admissions know something truly unique about you.
  • Proofread, proofread, proofread! Make sure that you don’t accidentally mistake Columbia Business School with Colombia the country – believe it or not, Admissions has seen it happen…
  • In sum, use the application to get Admissions’ attention in a good way! Just tell your story in a concise, clear and genuine manner.

Good Luck to everyone and looking forward to seeing you on campus next Fall!


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Columbia Women in Business (CWIB) is an organization that strives to provide Columbia Business School women with resources and contacts to assist them in their academic, professional, and personal development. CWIB is committed to working with faculty, administrators, alumni and the greater business community to promote the role of and opportunities for women in business.
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