A Day in the Life…of a Less Traditional Summer


By: Kanyisa Ncemane ’15

Simple Instructions on How to spend the summer of Your First-Year of B-School:

  1. Don’t Be Like Me.

About a week (or seven…) ago, our extremely understanding (patient, kind, talented and awesome…) CWiB VP of Marketing, Kristen Bierfeldt,  asked me to put together a blog under the “A Day in the Life…” series. So, yesterday, after a couple of gentle reminders from Kristen – I began to document the contents of “a day in the life of a… Summer Slacker”

Thursday, 24th July 2014 (day 71 of 103)

6:00 – Wake-up.

6:01 – Curse disobedient internal body-clock, roll-over and fall back to sleep.

9:23 – Wake-up again.

9:25 – Check Instagram. Chuckle at the miserable winter my South African friends and family are having. No filter can hide that doom and gloom buddies…#instaNYCsummer.

9:31 – Check Facebook. Chuckle again at the miserable winter my South African friends and family are having.

9:42 – Check Whatsapp. Catch-up on gossip on the family Whatsapp group (my cousin and his wife have just gotten a new puppy and they are letting it stay in the house…with the humans…what a SCANDAL). Reply to some or other silly wise cracks my brothers have written while the other hemisphere was sleeping (it’s now 6 hours later so my responses are in general way too delayed to even sound vaguely witty… curse you latitude and your time zones).

9:54 – Switch on TV. Flick through channels… Stop on the Steve Harvey show… linger for longer than is acceptable (where does Steve Harvey buy these awful suits? Fascinating).

10:23 –Check cellphone. Die of shock – I have less than 7 minutes to get to my gym appointment.

10:24– Send text to Mel (unreasonably attractive personal trainer) to tell him that the metro is delayed. Lies.

10:25 – Search for clean gym clothes. Futile.

10: 35 – Catch 1 train to gym on 95th and Broadway.

10: 42 – Arrive at gym.

10: 43 – Get on treadmill. Stand on stationary treadmill.

10:45 – Mel spots me, comes over, asks how long I’ve been running for. I respond: “11 minutes”. Another lie.

11:00 – Struggle through 5 push-ups. Mel asks me what I have had for breakfast. I respond: “oatmeal”. More lies.

11:30 – Leave gym feeling like I’ve been trampled by a family of elephants. I really should eat before I come here.

11:49 – Arrive at my building. Catch-up with my doorman – James. He is awesome and basically my only friend between the hours of 9am and 6pm … (yes… Kelly, Leslie and Jess… this is the part where you feel bad about never taking my calls because you are “at work”…whatever.)

12:15 – Go upstairs.

12: 17 – Get into the shower.

12:35 – Get out of the shower (yes… you read right… I take 18minute showers. It’s a self-awarded summer slacker privilege).

12:36 – Search for clean clothes. Again…futile.

12:37 – Prepare lunch. Today’s menu: Bran Flakes and Soya Milk. My favorites.

12: 41 – Take daily “power nap”.

15:23 – Wake up from “power nap”. Get angry at myself for “over-doing” the napping. Give myself a mental lecture about how I am wasting my summer and how I should really get out and do something. Explore New York. Read a GOOD book. Go to the Guggenheim. Take a cooking class. Practice my mandarin.

15:25 – Exhausted from the mental lecture, I reward myself with another quick nap.

16:00 – Switch on TV. Watch two back-to-back episodes of Dr. Phil (the USA content is so much better than what we get in South Africa – we’re still airing Season 1… I think the show may have still been finding its feet at that point. Not the same.).

17:30 – Prepare dinner. Today’s menu: Almonds and 3 week old yoghurt (I stand firm in the belief that expiry dates are purely illustrative).

18:00 – Watch TV. Oh look… another Law & Order SVU re-run. Fantastic.

20:12 – Agonize about how to force a cable subscription into my monthly budget.  It’s a fairly complicated decision:  the rent or cable?  Abort.

21:00 – Check emails. Read emails.

21: 01 – Mark emails as “unread”. Mentally file under “emails I should really respond to”. I am living in a sea of black.

21:05 – Read two pages of Junot Diaz’s “The Brief  Wondrous Life of Oscar Wao”. Yawn. Pass out.

And that was my yesterday. In all fairness – not all of the 71 days of this summer have been like yesterday. I have had a wonderful time. I spent a month in Asia (the picture above is from Day 42 in Halong Bay, Vietnam), two wonderful weeks traveling America (it is so under-rated!) with my awesome parents and am about to embark on a glorious trip to Greece and Spain with some of my oldest and most loyal friends.

So how did I end up here? I didn’t recruit for an internship. By the time the recruiting season came around (exactly three weeks after I’d started at CBS… don’t believe a word of what they say… it more than JUST sneaks up on you!) I hadn’t a clue of what I wanted to do with my life. For the most part – I still don’t. I do know myself a lot better, however. I know what it is that I don’t want. I have taken this time to figure at least that out. So to the candidates who join us at CBS this Fall – go back to the instructions I gave at the beginning of this blog: Don’t be like ME. Be like YOU. Don’t allow yourself to get caught up in the excitement and the angst (and there will be angst) that comes with the first year of B-school. Stay true to YOU.

I look forward to meeting all of you soon.


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